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CTNNB1 Syndrome Awareness Worldwide (CSAW) is a 501(c)3 non-profit that arose out of a parent-only Facebook group with a core mission of providing information to parents of newly diagnosed children with CTNNB1 Syndrome, as well to physicians, therapists, geneticists, and others.  If you are a parent of a child with CTNNB1 Syndrome, please click on the Black Facebook icon below to request access to the CTNNB1 Parents Facebook page. Membership in the Family Facebook page (black facebook icon, in the page footer below) is limited to parents of diagnosed children, but the forums on this site and all other social media sites linked above are open to the public.  Please consider supporting our organization on social media to raise awareness!

Kayla Cayton, Executive Director
Board Officers and Executive Council
Mariana Parks, President
Annie Wood, Vice President
Bethany Reed D’Alberto, Treasurer  (
Lauren Cochran (ACCT Liason)
Nathalie D' Haucourt, Translator (French) 
Bruno Ramalho, Technology Committee 
Jenny Schrorer, Technology Committee 
Privacy Policy values the privacy of those affected by CTNNB1. will make reasonable efforts to de-identify all materials posted on the portions of the website. Materials posted by the webmaster will be stripped of names, ages, birthdates, and geo-encoding information, where appropriate, to protect the privacy of those affected. An exception will be materials voluntarily submitted to be posted on the ‘profiles’ page or on the homepage gallery. Materials to be posted on must be submitted via email to, giving permission to post. Submissions for minors must have permission of both parents. Submissions will be verified by a reasonable process (cross-verification with members of the CTNNB1 Facebook group). However, any material brought to our attention that falls outside of these guidelines will be removed within a reasonable timeframe. does have an unmoderated user forum that falls outside of this privacy policy statement, but we will remove items that are proven to violate this policy.

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